Tuesday, June 15, 2004

For No Particular Reason

I am an pedant. Here is my newest criticism.

Some movies will list actors in some not immediately apparent order, and qualify the list thus: "In no particular order." Why do they do this? Probably because some actors would get upset about being placed lower than they think their importance would suggest. So "In no particular order" is a cheap excuse; it's according to no criterion of value, so we didn't deliberately slight you. But the very reason an objection would come up is that, while not in an obvious order (like alphabetical), the actors are in some particular order! They must always be in some particular order. If it were possible to actually put them in no particular order, there would be no need to qualify the presentation with that absurd phrase.

Summary: The reason it says "In no particular order" is precisely because that is not true.

In no important order, or in no good order, or in random order might be more accurate.


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