Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hink Pink

In AP Physics in High School, I sat in the back doing crosswords. When a test happened, I'd just deduce all the identities I needed. Eventually, the crossword's more inspired answers led to word games. Now, I've been reminded of this by:

1) the discovery that this game has a name


2) the rediscovery of a few of these I wrote down.

Some examples:

a measurer of Ceres's distance - a Demeter odometer
brief poem about blindness - Magoo Haiku
reduced shine - dimmer glimmer
former up-and-downer - elevator abdicator
inflammable currency - expungible fungible
sight gag - visible risible
the cost of clothes - raiment payment
a ruler's taunter - Caesar teaser

See if you can get some of these:
public water
elementary dent
church musician who turns people to stone
spirited primate
snooped on Neptune
Grain-grinder's bane
seems like food
legendary imbiber
good-luck snacks
farmer's sign
internet access repair
chat about drums

Or come up with some of your own.


Blogger Raken said...

Here are a few of the answers I thought of, hope I'm not spoiling it for anyone by posting. Did I come up with the same answers as yours?

An elementary dent - a simple dimple
Seems like food - credible edible
church musician who...- Organ Gorgon or organist Gorgonist, something like that?
Grain-grinder's bane - miller killer
spirited primate - spunky monkey

I remember doing hink-pinks in 6th grade... this is what I came up with in 5 minutes.

Stretchable non-Jew
Pre-Renaissance daredevil
Raid on an orgy

10:29 PM  

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